Understanding Australian Braille Sign
Standards and BTS (Aust) Product

Braille Tactile Signs (Aust)

pra CONTINUOUS SURFACE*:  (no add-ons)

  • The surface of the Signs must be continuous for hygiene purposes.(g)
  • Signs must be constructed so as to resist the removal of letters & Braille dots by picking or adhesive failure. (h) (BCA (D.3.6 - 2.2.1(g)(h) 2007)


  • All colours applied to the reverse side of the product. (Ensuring that nothing can be washed, scratched or picked off.)


  • Accessible / Audio Symbol must be white on Ultramarine Blue as per B21 as per AS2700. (AS1428.1 - 8.2(c), AS1428.5 - 5.1)


  • Signs for Unisex Accessible facilities shall be provided with letters LH or RH to indicate a Left-Hand or Right-Hand side transfer onto the WC pan. (This refers to the side the hand rail is on when seated on the toilet). (AS1428.1- 8.1 - 2012)


  • Text Font: Must be san serif (block font). (AS1428.1 - 8.1 (ii 2) Must be Title Case (upper case for the first letter of each main word & lower case for all other letters). (b) Text Size: Minimum of 15mm high & a maximum of 55mm. Lower case text must have 50% of the capital text size. (ii) Tactile Height: Minimum of 1mm & a maximum of 1.5mm high. (a) (D3.6-3 (a) (b) (ii)- 2015)


  • A minimum of 30% Luminance Contrast is required between tactile graphics and background of sign, and also surface on which the sign is mounted. If Luminance Contrast is not possible between the mounted surface and the BTS a 5mm contrasting border applies. (D3.6-4 - 2015)

prh BRAILLE: (Grade 1 - Uncontracted)

  • Position: Must be 8mm below the base line of the tactile text. (not including descenders) and must be left justified.Shape: Braille must be raised and domed. (BCA D3.6 - 6. (a) (b) (c) - 2016) (Critical Braille specifications as per AS1428.1)


  • Required on Signs with multiple lines of Braille. (not required on BTS35LHn-slv. Shown in red for illustrative purposes only) (D3.6-6 (f) - 2015)


Ensure you are providing your client a High-Quality Australian Made Product, that’s fully compliant to relevant Standards and Codes and made to be as vandal resistant as humanly possible.

Demand the industry’s most advanced Braille & Tactile signage technology:

Continuous Surface Braille Technology: No add-ons that can be picked off.
Fully Encapsulated Continuous Surface*: No add-ons that can be picked off.
Fully Encapsulated*: No colours or graphics applied to the face of the sign.
Aluminium Range - Fully Embedded: ADA Characters fully embedded in sign.
*BTS (Aust) Polycarbonate Range only

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