Customising the Standard BTS (Aust) Range

Braille Tactile Signs often require additional information like directions, additional text, Braille, and even things like contrasting borders, cut outs and much more. You may also desire to alter the sign’s colours, shape and size, or enhance it with a specific special background image. By choosing to Customise our BTS (Aust) Standard Range, you have the power to cost-effectively enhance any Standard Range sign to your individual requirements, without the costs and design complexities of a fully custom sign. 


Be sure to check out our various galleries below for our latest Customising Standard Range examples to help inspire your creativity!  


When you're ready to go, be sure to get in contact with us and we will make it happen for you! 


Note – Customising Standard Range may be limited to existing BTS (Aust) Standard Range Tooling Configurations.


Small Directional Arrows

Add an arrow to nearly any BTS to direct users exactly where they need to go.

Glow in the Dark

Coat signs with glow in the dark paint to ensure readability after daylight hours.

Cut Outs

Add buttons, speakers, keys, warning lights and more to your signs.

Linished Stainless Steel or Aluminium Look

Reduce the possibility of surface damage, unsightly fingerprints and smudges by choosing our Aluminium or Stainless Steel Look finish.

Frames & Housings

Install on curved surfaces, such as columns, pillars and curved walls, or get signs supplied inside a variety of frames and houses as per your requirements.

Additional Flat Text, Tactile Text & Braille

Add additional information to any sign to create the exact information you require.

Combination Signs

Mix and match from our range to create your required message.


Add an airlock to nearly any BTS to improve accessibility.

Large Directional Arrows

Add an arrow to nearly any BTS to direct users exactly where they need to go.

UV and Anti-Graffiti Stabilised Coating

Adds an additional protective layer to your BTS, further safeguarding against long-term effects of the sun and graffiti.

Size, Shape, Radius Corners

Visually tie-in branding design features like shapes, curves, angles and varying radius corners on your project.

Backings & spacers

Set your signs apart with numerous backing options.

Contrasting Borders

Add borders as purely a design feature, or to ensure compliance.

Custom Digital Graphics

Add contemporary textures, logos or computer-generated creations.

Custom Colour

Generate a unique and unified colour appeal.






Want to know more? Check out our BTS (Aust) Customising Standard Range Presentation