The BTS (Aust) Range of Brushed Aluminium Signs are the superior alternative to Stainless Steel BTS. Incorporating our Industry Leading Continuous Surface Braille and Fully Embedded Tactile Technology, this extensive range offers clients a durable, cost effective and easy-to-work-with alternative to the stainless steel option.


Our Aluminium products also feature our unique smudge and fingerprint resistant technology, meaning that signs are not visually affected by the fingerprints and smears commonly found on stainless steel BTS after installation.




BTS (Aust) Brushed Aluminium Vs Common Stainless Steel BTS
  BTS (Aust) Brushed 
Aluminium Range
Stainless Steel BTS








Smudge & Fingerprint 
Resistant Technology


Requires less cleaning and keeps signs
looking new l
ong after installation.  


Requires more cleaning due to smearing
and fingerprints appearing when touched.









Continuous Surface Braille


Press form Braille is more durable and protected 
ensuring signs last.



Braille is often stuck to the face of sign and is easily
compromised by vandals or cleaning products









Fully Embedded Tactile

Tactile Text and Graphics are more durable and 
protected ensuring signs last



Tactile Text and Graphics are often stuck
to the face of sign and are easily
compromised by vandal or cleaning products.









Lightweight Design

Signs are made from a robust lightweight
aluminium which is easier to install
and requires less adhesive.



Signs are often heavy and require 
more time and adhesive to install.










Cost effective

Signs are cost effective when compared to other
Metal signs which feature both Continuous Surface Braille and Fully Embedded Tactile Technology. 


Equivalent stainless steel signs are often more expensive due
to the costs of working with the material and primitive
stainless steel manufacturing processes. 






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