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Glow in the dark signage is the perfect addition to low light enrivonments. Glow in the Dark is available on the entire range of BTS (Aust)'s Standard Range and Fully Custom Polycarbonate signs in ADA finish.   

► Great for hospitals or aged care facilities.

► For additional luminosity in public toilet facilities.

► Provide safe passage to emergency exits.

Simply charge Glow in the Dark signage when lights are on and during daylight hours and use Glow in the Dark signage with up to 10 hours of plateaued luminosity*. No batteries required!

*Luminosity length may vary depending upon charging. 






Photoluminescent / Glow in the Dark BTS Something illuminating is coming to BTS (Aust). Introducing the latest in Wayfinding signage technology: Glow in the Dark signs! Glow in the dark signage can be implemented in low-light environments, ...

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