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Why BTS?


Signs manufactured by BTS (Aust) are:

  • Fully compliant with BCA 2011 Volume One Section D3.6 of the Building Code of Australia
  • Fully compliant with Australian Standards 1428.1-2009 and Amendment No 1 2010
  • Fully compliant with Disability (Access to Premises-Buildings) Standards 2010

BTS (Aust) manufacture high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing signs to suit your specifications.

Australian, New Zealand, British and Canadian standard specifications and design for raised Braille and Tactile signs are fully compatibles.

Signs produced by Braille Tactile Signs (Aust) are fully compliant with D3.6 of the Building Code of Australia and Australia/New Zealand Standards AS1428.1. BTS (Aust)'s signs are therefore fully compliant with requirements in these countries.

BTS (Aust) have built a solid reputation based on:

  • Continuous surface (polycarbonate membrane) - with no add-ons 
  • Reliability
  • High level customer service
  • Delivery within stated time frames
  • Manufactured exactly to specifications
  • High quality products: reliable, durable, long-lasting
  • Visually attractive
  • Fast turnaround times, especially for custom-designed signs
  • Over 30 years industry knowledge
  • Compliant with Australian Standards
  • Thorough consultation is conducted to understand client needs
  • Complete service of consultation, design and manufacture is available

Our signs

Our standard BTS come as a 1.2mm thick flexible continuous surface (with no add-ons that can be removed). Our vandal resistant and hygienically clean membrane can be adhered to all surfaces; flat or curved, mounted onto a backing of personal preference, or added to existing signs.

Readily available stock is always kept in white on blue and in black on silver.

Colours and finishes can be put through to match to your specific colour requirements.

Although the braille locator is not a requirement on all signs it is a preferred option.

The locator and braille message are the same colour as the background.

Signs for external use have a UV stabilised and graffiti proof coating. Please add 'ex' to code when ordering.

WARRANTY - Continuous Surface Fully Encapsulated Polycarbonate Membrane:

Braille Tactile Signs (Aust) warrants each new BTS purchased from us to be free from defects in all material and workmanship under normal use, with the following terms and conditions.

1) Signs are not covered by warranty if damage is caused by accident, vandalism, improper handling or poor installation.
2) BTS (Aust) warranty does not cover installation, call out or any other labour charges.
3) BTS (Aust) offer a period of three (3) year warranty on signage from date of invoice.