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* Recommended Option (if multiple options) - Complying with all current Standards & Codes

Our standard BTS come as a 1.2mm thick vandal resistant & hygienically clean membrane with all signage graphics being encapsulated in the back of the membrane.

Our flexible continuous surface is suitable for all applications. These signs can be adhered to all surfaces: flat or curved, mounted onto a backing of personal preference, or added to existing signs.

Although our standard BTS come white on blue or black on silver (with Access symbol white on blue), colours and finishes can be matched to your specific requirements. So long as there is a minimum of 30% luminance contrast between the tactile and the background.

Although the Braille locator is not a requirement on all signs it is a preferred option.

Signs for external use have a UV stabilised and graffiti proof coating.

The Braille Locator and Braille are the same colour as the background.

Backing sizes for standard signs can be varied in size

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